Free digital event November 5

Welcome to this year's Mynewsday

Mynewsday is one of the biggest industry gatherings for all marketers, PR professionals and communicators across the Nordics. During the half-day program you will hear inspiring keynote speakers and insightful discussions about trends and the future of PR. The event is digital, so you can participate from wherever you are.

Keynote Speakers

Sofia Kacim

Sofia Kacim

Rhetoric consultant & Co-founder HER Global Network

She is a rhetoric consultant & Co-founder of the global women’s HER Global Network. She has a background as a consultant at the communications agency Schlingmann and rhetoric coach at TEDxStockholm. In 2018 she was awarded as one of Sweden’s most influential communicators by the magazine “Resumé”.

Christina Knight

Christina Knight

Creative Director

She is a Creative Director with over 30 years experience of advertising. She has been awarded for her creative work and leadership and has also become the strongest advocate for gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the Swedish advertising industry.


Welcome to Mynewsday 2020
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Get ready for this year’s event in PR and communications!

Sofia Kacim - Authentic communication - how to build a community in a filtered world
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Sofia Kacim is the co-founder of HER Global Network, a global female community, which was founded in 2014 by her and Aleksandra Avli as a reaction to the lack of authentic networks for women. Hear the story of how they built the community from a dinner session at a restaurant to a global app, connecting with women from all over the world with authenticity at the forefront. And how starting small always beat big and bold. 

Panel - Talk about trends and the future of PR
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Discussions together with Mynewsdesk experts about how AI affects the communicator role and how content marketing can drive your business.

Digital break
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Get some new energy! Take a coffee break, do some yoga stretches or answer some emails.

Christina Knight - The end of the Mad Men Era
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Christina will talk about working with and implementing gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the advertising industry. Applying these equalities will not only change representation and the production of content as such, but also be beneficial to agency cultures, client and consumer relations and profitability for both brands and agencies. She will show inspiring and empowering best practices from advertising where sexism, ageism and racism, for example, are no longer part of the communication.

Key takeaways and wrap up
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Our moderator will summarize today’s key learnings from our sessions and hand out useful best practice for your communication.