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Your guide to creating a crisis communication plan

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Communicating during a crisis

For businesses, it is not a question of if the crisis will strike - it’s a matter of when. Unforeseen circumstances arise and when they do, your day-to-day activities will be affected. Be prepared for whatever comes your way by planning ahead. With this guide, you can methodically create a crisis communication plan for your company.

The guide to making your crisis communication plan covers:

    • Who should be included in the crisis management team
    • The importance of logging activities and communications
    • The role of tools and technology during a crisis
    • The three phases of crisis management
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Why do I need a crisis communication plan?

How well you manage to prepare before a crisis strikes will have a huge impact on how the crisis will affect you and your business. Without a crisis communication plan in place, your risk of losing customers, revenue and employees goes up. Be proactive and start identifying potential risks to minimize business interruption.